Monday, 14 March 2011

Checkboxes in Crystal Report XI

This little problem niggled me for about an hour or so before rendering this soultion below :

1. Left click on the boolean field you wish to change to a checkbox in your Crystal Report.
2. Change the font to Wingdings. (This will change your boolean field to a lot of wierd and wonderful characters, but don't worry.
3. Right click on the boolean field and select "Format Object".
4. Select the common tab.
5. Click on the "X+2" button relevant to Display String.
6. In the formula box enter the following code :

If = true thenCHR(254) else CHR(111)

* I find it easier to double click on the boolean to be converted in the Report Field explorer window.

7. Save and close your new formula.
8. Click 'OK' on the Format Editor.
9. When you run your report, you'll find the boolean true/false will be displayed as a checkbox.

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